The Avengers Project Teaser - Marvel/Square Enix NEW GAME Announced!

Marvel and Square Enix have announced a team up for a new video game, referred to as The Avengers Project.

They actually announced LOTS of new Marvel Video Games, and the introduction of a Marvel game universe. Filup Molina asks the important questions and has a lot of answers, regarding what the Avengers gameplay will be like, how Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal will affect the game design (think Tomb Raider more than Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts), and breaks down the teaser trailer itself. Whose glasses are those? Is that Brie Larson's voice? How did it take Marvel so long to get serious about gaming? Marvel vs. Capcom and Spider-man aside, they are still just getting started. Oh also, Filup explains how this can be a good thing for the DC Comics based games, who already are sailing with the Arkham franchise and the Injustice series.


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