Galaxy Note 4 First Impressions!

For Samsung, the Galaxy Note formula is simple: increase the specs, and make the S Pen the device's centerpiece through some clever software tweaks. Over the past few years, the Note series has become a shining example of the stylus-centric smartphone, and the go-to choice for folks looking for a handset that can also replace a tablet. But, this year more than ever, it's no longer the only large phone on the block and that, by all accounts, terrifies Samsung.

For current Samsung fans, the Galaxy Note 4's design and improved specs might not seem like a major improvement, but the difference in quality compared to the Note 3 is evident when held side by side. The Note 4 design is great, the screen looks terrific, and the S Pen is more useful than ever. Whether the Galaxy Note 4 is worthy of an upgrade remains to be seen. We'll be putting the Galaxy Note 4 through its paces over the coming days, so stay tuned for more coverage, including a final review.